Witty Funny Status Updates Ever at Bedtime

Get a smile on your friends and relations, share these facebook funny status updates.

  1. Down for a snack always because I’m pretty much.
  2. Just be a realistic if don’t have anything nice to say about.
  3. Nothing good have to ever come to answering the call from blocked cell number.
  4. Forgot to take my jacket off, it is part of outfit, idiot.
  5. Training any child to take JP Morgan freeman job, narrating everything? If not get out of that.
  6. Get out of bed, this motivate me anything else.
  7. Basically we have endless mental thinking conversation with us?
  8. Don’t take wrong on it, have zero percent success rate.
  9. My privacy ended up when the first day I joined in the facebook, everything needs to share in social media.
  10. Damn youth you prius because no sound or indication while turn in right.
  11. Wrecking the ball people are happiest people in the world.




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