Funny Get Well Soon Card Messages

In this article we have provided the great list of get well messages, phrases, cards and prayer. Send the below great messages to your loved person and bring happiness smile in their face.

Get Well Messages & Phrases

We hope each day is closer to you, bring happiness and speedy recovery.

Get well wish you a quick recovery.
get well soon funny cards

Feeling a negative things U are unwell, get well soon. My heart feels sad when you feeling like this.

I am sending my bottom heart get well soon prayers to you love and care, get ready soon.
get well card messages
Get up very soon like a sun raised on each day with smile, see the sun from your bed, get well soon.

You need to think like its restful recovery on this time!! U will back again soon with you usual energy and enthusiastic. Return your home and colorful your life with the rainbow colors, the special gift is coming on your way.
get well card message
I pray for you and get well soon!! I miss you a lot.

Get up fast and speed recovery, enjoy the life even more.

Talking and seeing you every day is an battery recharge for me but ill-health for you and not see you many days. I bring you an basket of flowers and wishes quotes to recover soon.
get well phrases
Get Well Message in your resume bring colorful and delight in your life!

I also fall sick someday when you are sick, both together, wish you get well soon so that we can well together. My sweetheart misses you a lot!

Recover well and stronger than before. Sounds Good!

Walk on the way for good health path, Rest well.
get well soon prayer
get well message

Funny Get Well Messages

I got lot of heart beat and pressure when I heard that news for your ill-health. I pour you my blesses and prayers on you to recover thru these funny get well soon cards or get well soon funny cards.

To give you an offer for my prayers, speedy recovery.

Every day I have seen your smile face in office but I miss here at work.

You are my mentor and boss; miss you in office without your leadership and guidance. True captain, anchor of ship while sailing in the boat but we don’t reach the right direction or not. Get well real soon and quick!

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