Fun Art Projects Painting Techniques For Kids and Beginners

In this post we will see about the creative fun art projects for kids and children’s. Generally, there are many people like to drawing or painting. In this case, not everyone specialist to do art projects perfectly and creatively. For this reason, we posted this fun creative art projects for beginners. This type of fun easy art projects will help to draw or painting easily.

In fact this type of simple fun art projects effectively helpful for kids. We briefly explain this easy fun kids art projects and fun art projects to do at home. Furthermore, there are lots of people enjoy to do painting at every moment. Now if you want to best painting skill and need to improve your art skill first do this type of simple .

Easy Fun Art Projects Step by Step Instructions

Necessary Material for creating kids and Beginners Fun Art Projects.

  • Hot Pressed Papers, Arches Aquarelle (185g/m2) – Saunders Waterford (190g, 300g/m2)
  • Cotton Swabs, Rubber bands
  • Paints – Holbein watercolors, Shinhan
  • watercolor brushes and bamboo brushes
  • Shinhan watercolor, Aluminum Palette A30

We provide this simple steps of tutorial for fun easy art projects to do at home

  • First take bunch of cotton swabs and rubber bands.
  • Next Grab some of cotton swabs then bundled with a rubber band. Do the same 5 bundles.

fun art projects

  • After that take water colors red violet, violet colors and red. Then, in Platte put colors a drop separately mix with water.

easy fun art projects

  • Next take the bundled cotton swabs and dip into the color then wait a second to absorb it.
  • Then simply tap the dipped cotton swaps bundle on the paper. (Like in below picture or video) Do the same with remaining colors.

creative fun art projects for beginners

  • Next use the stem color green paint and draw a stem with three or four leaves. After finished painting you can view a beautiful simple flower. That’s all. Now you can see your easy creative fun art project.

Creative and Fun Easy Art Projects To Do At Home

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