DIY Project ideas – Amazing DIY Projects For Women and Kids

Today I’m going to explain the amazing DIY project ideas for women and kids. This type of diy project ideas can do at your home. Recently I’m searching some videos in YouTube, while one amazing diy craft project ideas video impressed me. Right now I like to share about that diy project ideas for homes. In this case, I impressed that cute and simple idea.

In fact, this type of wonderful videos not visible for everyone eye. For this reason I share about that Diy decor projects. I hope that this video will help you to make your own simple pretty Mini Origami Book. Moreover, this projects kids also can do. Here below we will see briefly.

Are you thinking about what is Origami book? This is one of the Japanese word and art of the folding paper like decorative shapes. Besides that, this handmade crafts ideas will help to give a gift to your friends and family. Additionally you can sell this handmade book through online. You can have more opportunities for online.

DIY Project Ideas for Women and Kids

You should need following necessary things to make Origami book.

  • Scale, Pencil, Scissor, Gum
  • Handmade Paper and color Paper.

Process : DIY Project Ideas

  • Fist you need to take color paper and cut square shape. Each side take 20cm measurement with scale and mark it with pencil.Next cut that paper. Likewise, cut 4 papers with 20x20cm size in easch side. In the same way, cut 1 handmade paper also.
  • Now the 4 color papers will use pages of the book and handmade paper will use a book cover.
  • Right now take the color paper and fold it 2 equal parts and cut it. In the same manner, cut remaining 3 papers. (Like as a picture or in video).

DIY project ideas

  • Next take the color paper and fold it two equal parts and make four fold. Similarly do all other paper pieces. (see the picture)
  • After that, take folded paper strips and insert one end of one strip and connect it with opening of another strip.
  • Wherever you insert all folded paper strip there each side use gum and past together. Then make as a long strip.

diy craft project ideas

  • Then open the strip and apply the gum or glue after that join together for making book pages. (See the picture) Now you can get pages of the book.

diy projects for women

  • Next we need to make book cover. So now take handmade paper then fold and cut with 2 equal parts. After that fold with two edges of the paper and give little space inwards.
  • Now take the pages of the bunch papers (you already made it). Then place into the center of handmade paper and mark book width. Now fold it carefully like book space.

amazing diy projects

  • Then take the pages of book to fix and paste into the handmade paper center place. Now you get a mini book.

diy project ideas to sell

If you need more details please click here. If you need video tutorial of Diy Project Ideas please view below.

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Amazing DIY Projects Tutorial

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